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By Whitley Strieber

ISBN-10: 0765358670

ISBN-13: 9780765358677

ISBN-10: 1429919914

ISBN-13: 9781429919913

December 21, 2012, might be some of the most watched dates in heritage. each 26,000 years, Earth strains up with the precise middle of our galaxy. At 11:11 on December 21, 2012, this occasion occurs back, and the traditional Maya calculated that it is going to mark the tip, not just of this age, yet of human recognition as we all know it. But what is going to really ensue? the top of the area? a brand new age for mankind? not anything? The final time this occurred, Cro-Magnon guy without notice all started growing nice artwork within the caves of southern France, which to at the present time is still probably the most inexplicable adjustments in human historical past.  Now Whitley Strieber explores 2012 in a towering paintings of fiction that may astound readers with its really new insights and a riveting roller-coaster ride of a story. A mysterious alien presence all of sudden bursts out of sacred websites around the world and starts to rip human souls from their our bodies, plunging the area into chaos it hasn't ever prior to recognized.  Courage meets cowardice, loyalty meets betrayal as a whole international struggles to outlive this wonderful end-all war. Heroes emerge, villains exhibit themselves, and after all anything thoroughly new and unforeseen occurs that instantaneously lifts the fictitious characters right into a new lifestyles, and sounds a haunting real-world caution for the long run.

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