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By Helen S. Wright

ISBN-10: 0445209836

ISBN-13: 9780445209831

An issue of Oaths

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Churi was getting nervous. Good. Good. Soon he would start signalling for reassurance, for instructions, and then she would know where Rafe was. She had only to dispose of him and the others would crumble. Come on, Churi. Commander Rallya is going to lose her temper and throw you out of the web soon. Do you remember how it feels to be thrown out of the web by Commander Rallya? Why not ask pretty boy what he wants you to do next? Churi, if you don’t do something soon, I’m going to jump on you so hard you’ll end up in tomorrow.

Joshim stood up. ” Rallya asked in amusement. “To protect you from him,” Joshim flung back, and walked out leaving Rallya still looking for a response. *** Rafe sat on the rim of his web-position, listening to Churi and Magred talking in the changing-room about him. They had already agreed that he was a darling in the web-room but a stickler in the web; now they were discussing whose lover he would become and when. Magred’s opinion was that it had already happened, with Joshim, and Churi favoured the Commander, at some indeterminate point in the future.

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A Matter of Oaths by Helen S. Wright

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