A Multitude Of Monsters (The Exploits of Ebenezum, Bk. 2) by Craig Shaw Gardner PDF

By Craig Shaw Gardner

"A enjoyable romp. the sphere wishes extra humorists of this caliber." (Robert Asprin)

whereas looking a medication for his illness of magicks, the discomfort sorcerer Ebenezum and his hapless apprentice are rudely interrupted by way of militant monsters with a reason.

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A terrible cry rose all about us. We were in the midst of a demon attack! THREE In magic, as in all true professions, there are rules by which you must play. At least, you must play by them until such time as you can get away with something else. — THE TEACHINGS OF EBENEZUM, VOL UME I (PREFACE) There was an explosion at my feet. “Pardon me,” a small voice said. “We Brownies like to arrive with a bang! ” The fellow’s little eyes gazed about in amazement. ” What was going on here was that, once again, all of the Netherhells had broken loose.

Then, at the edge of the forest, we saw the unicorn. FOUR There is talk in some learned circles in our major cities about whether or not satyrs, centaurs, griffins and certain other fantastic beasts really exist, or are only the product of the popular imagination. As a wizard, 1, of course, tend to side with the satyrs, centaurs and griffins, especially when these beasts begin to doubt the existence of any learned circles in our major cities. —THE TEACHINGS OF EBENEZUM, VOLUME XXXVI The unicorn ran in our direction.

It appeared too overwhelmed to go on. A large shadow passed over our heads. The unicorn screamed. ” the stately beast cried. ” The unicorn glanced nervously aloft. “You weren’t listening, were you? I’m distraught! I didn’t know what I was saying! I didn’t mean what I said about virgins! ” The shadow was gone. ” My master spoke in his most reassuring tone, honed to a fine art through years of use placating rich clients and distracting tax collectors. “Whoever they were, they seem to be gone now.

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