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Ahem," Bình said, "that would be fine. Or seven dollars, if you like. " The comment was a fabulously polite invitation to bargain. I looked at her. She had black hair, neatly combed, cut above her shoulder and trimmed in a straight fringe across her brow. Her thin lips spread into a soft smile, and she batted her brown eyes. "Seven," I murmured, then looked out the door. Fuchsia bougainvillea tumbled down the wall outside the gate. Seven dollars a day, in 1993 Saigon, is a bargain. Most cheap guesthouses begin at twice that amount, while here I would have my own room, bath, and phone as well as some privacy.

Its politics are incomprehensible, but they make a good read; and for every five Vietnamese northerners who look down their noses at the city's population, four will move to Saigon anyway. It is full of showy millionaires, socialist cadres, beggars, philanthropists, artists, and actresses. " Hoàng, whom I met at the airport, returned to my thoughts after I settled in; I called him and suggested dinner. "I know a place," he said, as we pulled away from the alley on his motorbike. " The large, open style of Vietnamese restaurants means their doors are virtually movie screens for the well-seated diner.

Thao was quiet and reflective, but Bình was never still. From morning to night she never sat down unless she was studying English, and even that she did with astonishing energy, leaning into the table and concentrating so hard that I was afraid that some time, somehow, her will would force her head to pop off. I always told her to rest, that studying too late each night produced sloppy work, but she ignored me and kept at it, as if she had entered the race late and needed to catch up. She hadn't, she was always ahead of the game, but she had plans for herself and her family.

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