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By Alyson Richman

ISBN-10: 0698185412

ISBN-13: 9780698185418

A richly imagined tale of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, French pilot and writer of The Little Prince, from the writer of The misplaced spouse and The backyard of Letters.

March, 1942: Declared medically undeserving to fly whereas France is beseiged via warfare, Saint-Exupéry languishes in homesick frustration, not able to assist his country—and not able to put in writing. whereas his writer attempts in useless to ease the author's brain, Saint-Exupéry meets the spell binding Silvia Hamilton at a dinner party. notwithstanding they don't percentage a language, they're still interested in one another, and the place phrases fail them they locate different kinds of communication.

In the continuing months, Silvia's heat and charm provide Saint-Exupéry the assurance he so desperately wishes. And as their love affair thrives, he unearths himself encouraged to inform a story of such simplicity and sweetness individual of any age may locate pleasure and luxury in it. With Silvia as his muse, he works furiously to compose his petite prince.

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He disliked this effete naval custom. He admired brute force and cunning as qualities of leadership among men. He grew interested in the engine's removal, but he offered no advice to the men. They began to relax and once in a while cast a speculative eye in his direction. At last they started pointing their remarks to him as if they had a desire to please him so long as he kept his distance. Finally the half-naked sailor who seemed to be in charge approached. " Phi11ip took the offering and the sailor's light.

Very likely his captain, who was unquestionably a slob, had offered friendship and Phillip had spit the offer back in his face. Bruner had no sympathy for Phillip. In fact, he enjoyed the prospect of the boy's degradation. The worse it was, the better it would please him. Yes, Bruner thought as they walked toward the dining room, the cousins were vastly different. They would be interesting to watch. " and everyone but Phillip snapped to a rigid attitude of respect. Phillip looked toward the door and saw a two-star admiral, flanked by a captain of the medical corps and another officer.

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