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By Jonathan Swift

ISBN-10: 014196510X

ISBN-13: 9780141965109

A story of a bathtub is the masterpiece of Swift's past years.

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Ademar’s work has a special place in the medieval Latin tradition because the fables he included are rather different from the usual Romulus corpus. Of the sixty-seven fables, there are thirty which follow the Romulus paraphrase of Phaedrus, but there are fourteen fables based on extant poems of Phaedrus that are not found elsewhere in the Romulus collections (along with an additional five fables which seem to be a combination of the Romulus version with the original of Phaedrus, or with a markedly different paraphrase of Phaedrus).

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F. Widdows (Austin: University of Texas Press, 1992). Avianus The texts of Avianus are taken from the edition by J. W. Duff and A. M. : 1934, including an English translation). There is also a 49 recent English translation by David Slavitt (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Press, 1993). Life of Aesop Fables from the Life of Aesop follow the recent edition by Franco Ferrari published in the BUR series (Milan: 1997). For an English translation, we can thank William Hansen for having reprinted Lloyd Daly’s translation, originally published in Aesop without Morals (New York: Yoseloff, 1961), in his recent Anthology of Greek Popular Literature (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1998).

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