New PDF release: Alchemy & Mysticism (Klotz)

By Alexander Roob

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A fantastical trip in the course of the pictorial international of alchemy and mysticism, the Cabbala and magic, freemasons and Rosicrusians. This certain collection of illustrations with commentaries and resource texts courses us on a desirable trip throughout the representations of the key arts.

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Ye, the sea of time and space. MACROCOSM: Eye 1 14 MACROCOSM: Genesis The bird represents the phases of the Work. It is composed of the raven (putre­ factio), the swan (albedo), the peacock (phase of bright colours) and the phoenix (rubedo). In this instance the Pythagorean tetraktys forms the optic nerve. H. Khunrath, Amphitheatrum sapientiae aeterna, 1602 115 Eye Eye In the medieval view, the eye con­ sisted of three dif­ ferent forms of condensation of physical fluid. According to the theory of the Ara­ bian scholar Avi­ cenna (980-1037), an icy fluid forms the centre ofthe eye.

The ice-like, lens·shaped area is trans­ parent and of medium hardness. 2. The watery, whitish area surrounds the first as the egg-White surrounds the yolk. 3. The glass-like, gleaming area supplies the first two with nourishment from the blood. R. Fludd, Utriusque Cosmi, Vol. II, Oppenheim, 1619 "( ... ) the eye of man (is) an image ofthe world and all the colours in it are arranged in circles. The white of the eye corres­ ponds to the ocean, which surrounds the whole world on all sides; a second colour is the mainland, which the ocean sur­ rounds, or which lies between the waters; a third colour in the middle region: Jerusalem, the centre of the world.

652-653) The tetragrammaton as a tetractys The tetractys also forms the basis of the image of the cosmic soul, to whose struc­ ture in the form of a Chi (X) Plato refers i n the 'Timaeus' _ I n line with the law ofthe proportional division of the chord, the matrix of all earthly phenomena unfolds here as a network of coordinates of frac­ tions and multiples. a � 20 15 10 5 30 • 8O 15 8 6 21 18 12 9 y .. � 20 16 6 5 • � 12 8 • 36 Painting, Rajasthan, c. 18th century 3 2 10 16 U � 9 8 1 10 It 9 8 6 5 3 The Pythagorean 'Chi' 98 MACROCOSM: Cenesis MACROCOSM: Cenesis 99 Genesis Genesis Successive utter· ances of the divine name produce the four worlds of Aziluth, Beriah, Yezirah and Assiya.

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