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By G. Ausiello, M. Lucertini, P. Serafini (eds.)

ISBN-10: 3211818162

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Another special class of algorithms that has received attention consists of the "on-line" algorithms. G. R. S. Johnson 58 bins in exactly the order they are given in the original list, without using any knowledge about subsequent items in the list. FIRST FIT DECREASING, for example, is not an on-line algorithm, since it first re-orders the list. On-line algorithms may be the only ones that can be used in certain situations, where the items to be packed are arriving in a sequence according to some physical process and must be assigned to a bin as soon as they arrive.

What is the smallest integer m such that there is a partition L - B \ U B 2 U ... U Bm satisfying ~PleBJ S (P) <; C, 1 <; j <; m? G. R. S. Johnson the number of bins needed for a packing of L. By this choice of terms the obvious interpretation of bin-packing corresponds to problems of storage. However, the variety of other interpretations that can be placed on the parameters and terminology accounts for the fundamental importance of the problem. Packing trucks with a given weight limit and assigning commercials to station breaks on television [11] illustrate this variety in the real world.

1969. [55] LAWLER: Cutsets and partitions of Hypergraphs Networks, 1973. [56] LAWLER: Fast approximation algorithms for Knapsack problems. Math. Op. , 1979. [57] LIPTON, TARJAN: A separator theorem for planar graphs. Conf. on Theor. , Waterloo, 1977. [58] LIPTON, TARJAN: Applications of a planar separator theorem. 18th FOCS. Long Beach, 1977. Models of the Task Assignment Problem in Distributed Systems [59] 47 LUCCIO, SAMI: On the decomposition of networks in minimally interconnected subnetworks.

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