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By Piers Moore Ede

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This is often the tale of a guy who launched into a quest that many people have dreamed approximately. dissatisfied by way of a global addicted to fabric wealth and medical truth, he determined to go back and forth around the globe looking for anything extra significant: the mystical, the magical. His trip takes him from snow-blanketed villages within the Himalayas to tiny, covert groups of whirling dervishes in rural Turkey; from the world's greatest non secular competition at the banks of the swollen Ganges to a dappled, historical Sufi sector in Delhi. Lyrical and clear-sighted, "All sorts of Magic" is an interesting exploration of the hidden global of miracles that's immediately deeply own and common in its scope.

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Here it is not my intention to discuss the historical problems involved in the development of Jewish mysticism and specifically of the Kabbalah; I have done so elsewhere, particularly in my Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism. Suffice it to say that the subject I wish to discuss occupies a cen­ tral position in Jewish mysticism. In a religious system based on divine revelation and the acceptance of sacred books that define its content, questions con­ cerning the nature of such revelation as set forth in the sacred books are unquestionably of the utmost importance.

The process of Creation, which proceeds from stage to stage and is reflected in extra-divine worlds and of course in nature as well, is not necessarily different from the process that finds its expression in divine words and in th� documents of Revelation, in which the divine language is thought to have been reflected. These considerations take us to the very heart of our subject. There is a necessary relationship between the mystical meaning of the Torah and the assumptions concerning its divine essence.

It is extremely significant that the first Kabbalists said to have attained this rank were Rabbi Abraham of Posquieres and his son Isaac the Blind. Abraham ben David (d. 1 1 98) was the greatest Rabbinical authority of his generation in southern France, a man deeply rooted in Talmudic learning and culture. 2 He himself relates in his writings that 1 Cf. the article 'Elijahu' in Encyclopaedia ]udaica, VI (1930), pp. 487-95. rbith ha-Kabba/ab (The Beginnings of the Kabbalah), Jerusalem, 1948, pp.

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